Smart Grid Growing Pains

by John Rubino on August 23, 2010

Smart grid is generally seen as a “here and now” alternative energy source, something that we know how to do and just have to implement. But Colorado utility Xcel’s experience with its Boulder “Smart Grid City” program points to a longer, more complicated road. Consider:
SmartGridCity Meltdown: How Bad Is It?
When reports of cost overruns at [...]

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“Unused Rooftops”: The Future of Solar Power

July 27, 2010

Power sources can be divided according to a lot of different criteria, but one of the most crucial is centralized versus distributed. Coal and nuclear are centralized because no-one wants to use those things at home, and because on a large enough scale they’re highly efficient. Their drawbacks, however, are many. Besides the obvious environmental [...]

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Lithium At Last

July 20, 2010

Better batteries are crucial to the spread of clean tech, and lithium is the main ingredient in one type of next-generation battery. But investing directly in lithium is a challenge: The field is new and the companies speculative, making a diversified portfolio very hard to construct.
That’s about to change, however, with the launch of an [...]

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